The minister of Transport Ministry, Mr Dinh La Thang visited and worked at Petrovietnam Nghe An construction Corporation
Saturday, 27 August 2011 09:48

In the business trip and work in Nghe An province, in the morning of 26th August 2011, Mr. Dinh La Thang- member of Central Party committee, minister of Transport, former chairman of member board of Vietnam national Oil and Gas Group led the misson to visit and work with Petrovietnam Nghe An Construction Corporation (PVNC). Receiving and attending the meetings with the Minister ans the mission was Mr. Phan Hai Trieu, Secretary of Party committee, Chairman of the Management Board of the Corporation, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Bang- the General Director of the Corporation and officials of the Management Board, Board of Directors, leaders of departments and member units of PetroVietnam Nghe An construction Corporation.


At the working session, Mr. Phan Hai Trieu reported to the Minister and the mission the results of production and business activities the Corporation has made in recent years. especially in the difficult general economic situation, and high inflation, the Corporation has overcome these difficulties, determined to put the works, key projects of the Corporation for the destination on time; strived to complete the production and business plan in the last 6 months; quickly complete the procedure of increasing the charter capital from 100 billion to 600 billion in the coming time.


The Minister Dinh La Thang spoke at the visit and work with the Corporation

Speaking at the working session, the Minister Dinh La Thang recognized, praised and appreciated the efforts of PVNC in the recent years. The Minister said PVNC had many advantages which should be promoted more: PVNC had the prestige and trademark in Nghe An for 50 years; PVNC had a young, intellectual and passionate team; PVNC was assisted and facilitated by the leaders of Nghe An province as well as Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group and PetroVietnam Construction Joint stock Corporation. The minister also directed PVNC to have specific plans to accomplish and exceed the targets set out; the trade union of PVNC should coordinate with the government to improve working conditions and care the life of staff. The Minister affirmed that for PVNC to become a prestigious company in the field of construction and investment nationwide in the near future, PVNC needs specific action plan such as implementing the plan up to 2015 and orientation to 2020.

The chairman of Management Board, Mr Phan Hai Trieu gave flowers to the Minister Dinh La Thang at the Corporation.

Before the good feelings and concerns, close direction of the Minister for the Corporation, Mr. Phan Hai Trieu asserted that this was the great encouragement to the staff of the Corporation to complete the plan well, besides, on behalf of leaders and staff of PVNC, he sent deep thanks to the leaders of Ministry of Transport in particular and Ministry of Transport in general and asked for comment of the Minister in the implementation of the specific work, striving to bring the Corporation into leading unit of Construction and Investment in the Central region and to the nation wide.

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