"Living in Fear" at the degradation apartment
Thursday, 04 August 2011 10:33

(Nguoiduatin.vn) - Many reflections to the Nguoiduatin.vn said Quang Trung apartment building (Vinh City, Nghe An province) has been seriously degraded in all huts, threatening the lives of people.

Besides the lack of essential conditions such as electricity, water, sanitation and safety conditions such as fire fighting equipment, thousands of people over many generations in the apartment are in the same situation "living in fear" because the infrastructure has been damaged, peeling to dangerous level.

See the falling mortar when waking up.

Arriving to the Quang Trung apartment building after a raining night, the reporter witnessed the muddy path leading into the huts. The road has been also damaged, in which the concave condensates water, the convex is slick because of the mosses.

Talking to the reporter, Mr. Vo Van Nhuan, head of block I, A area of Quang Trung said: "Currently, almost the apartments have been cracked in the dormitory; walls and ceilings seriously degrades. When the rainy and stormy season comes, the groups and ward often have plans to relocate the people."

Ms. Nguyen Thi Van lives in the A1 block shares: "Whenever there are heavy rains and winds such as the recent rain, we are always afraid of the block collapsed. Sometimes, I feel that the walls shakes and rattles as trees on the street. Every year, there are several times when hearing about a storm, people is running to  evacuate. Continuing to stay like this is very hard."

The days stopping raining as when we arrived, people use the corridor in front of lobby door as the kitchen to cook the meals. Surrounding is the intricate electrical system with wires being old and torn on the conductors. There are no fire fighting equipment. The stair is narrow, in which the sunshine is dim because of  low light, the paths are scattered with plasters peeling from the walls down and falling everywhere.

Ms. Hoang Thi Anh Tuyet, one of those living in apartment No.44, A6 block said: "Every morning when waking up, my first job is cleaning the piles of plaster and scaly plaques on the walls around the apartment falling down, causing a dusty mess and greatly impacting on family life. The biggest fear is the falling of plaques on the head if we are not careful."

With the same block, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Nhung (77 years old) living in apartment No.52 complains: "My family lives in the fifth floor which is very hot in summer and very wet in rainy season because the leaking rainwater from the ceiling. Whenever walls or ceilings peel, we are always trying to fix but there is no results."

Expecting a safe accommodation

To address the status, the People's Committee of Nghe An province has issued a decision approving the project "Construction and renovation of Quang Trung apartment building." In particular, the A area  is the most degraded and most urgent. This rehabilitation project is invested by PetroVietnam Nghe An construction Corporation.

Mr. Le Duc Tho, vice president of Economics – Urban, People’s Committee of Quang Trung ward expressed: "Thousands of people living in apartments all have aspirations to be concerned by the authorities to take measures upgrading the infrastructure to ensure safety. On the ward, we also look forward to the project being early implemented, contributing to make resettlement housing at the same site and solve the urgent need of houses for people."

Time ago, one of the biggest problems affecting the project schedule is the conflict between people’ interests and construction business. Besides, those were the problems relating to the targets which were not united. One investor explained, if the construction followed the old scale, the resettlement place for people would be insufficient, not mentioning about the business benefits. If the target of floor were increased, the infrastructure in the area would be overloaded ...

It is known that currently, Nghe An province has decided on the plan of compensation, support for temporary housing and resettlement when making land clearance for the people. Investors have also committed to implement the project as schedule, essure the quality in accordance with the approval of authorities.

Quang Trung Apartment Area (Vinh city) was built in 1976, including 21 high-rise blocks, in which 18 blocks have a total construction area of ​​14.770m2 and 1,262 households are living. Most of the apartments in this area has a size from 22.5m2 to 30m2. Although the apartment area is solidly built, after more than 35 years in use, most of the rows in Quang Trung apartment were in subject to aging. Some structures such as columns, beams, floors, stairs, railings have decayed and exposed the steel core corrosion. Each year, in the rainy season, many households have to evacuate to ensure safety.

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