The Petroleum Cement 12/9: 45th anniversary of the company’s founding
Wednesday, 14 September 2011 08:29

On the occasion of 45th anniversary of the company (09/12/1966 - 12/09/2011), pm on 12/09, at the hall of The Petroleum Cement Joint Stock Company 12 / 9, the collective leadership and all staff members the company has long held a 45-year anniversary of its founding.

To attend and enjoy the company, to the PetroVietnam Nghe An Construction Joint Stock Corporation (PVNC) were Mr. Phan Hai Trieu - Party Executive Committee Member of the Petro Vietnam Construction Joint Stock Corporation (PVC), Secretary Party Committee, Chairman  of PVNC Corporation; Tran Dinh Toan - Member of the Party Executive Committee, Secretary of youth Union, the director of  communication  department of PVNC Corporation. To  the Nghe An Bank for Investment and Development was Ms. Hoang Thi Chau - Vice President and the delegation accompanyings

On the celebrations, there were other units in the petroleum industry, the units are under construction on Factory’s Site. To the Company were the former leaders of the company over the periods, the comrades in the leadership; Unions, leaders of the offices / departments / enterprises and the whole officials and employees of The Petroleum Cement Joint Stock Company 12 / 9

Picture: The 45th anniversary of The Petroleum Cement Joint Stock Company 12 / 9

Picture:The delegates, guests to gatecrash the Company

In a speech at the ceremony, Mr. Ngo Van Toan - Party Secretary, Chairman of the Company has reviewed the way to go up development of the Company from time immemorial, primitive to the current period.

The Petroleum Cement Joint Stock Company 12 / 9 precursor was Cement Factory 12 / 9,  was founded in 1966 in the Hoi Son commune, Anh Son district, Nghe An province. Through many hardships, from construction sites in the cave, to the production line a thousand tons, 8.8 thousand tons of blast furnace technology to today, the company is delighted to welcome the advent production line of high technology by Vietnam National Gas and Oil Group with total investment of nearly 1,000 billion VND

Picture: Mr. Ngo Van Toan - Party Secretary, Chairman of the Company has reviewed the way to go up development of the Company for the past 45 years

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Phan Hai Trieu on behalf PVNC Corporation congratulated all staff of the Petroleum Cement Joint Stock Company 12 / 9. He appreciate the development and solidarity, not afraid of the collective hardships employees in the way recently. He also expressed hope in the future, the Company will make further efforts to become a key unit in supplying building materials, has a solid foothold in the market.

Picture: Mr. Phan Hai Trieu congratulating all staff of the Company

With sincere love and profound, the former leader comrade company has also sent congratulations to the achievements of the Company has achieved in recent years. Mr Hoang Van Chau - Vice Party Secretary, Chairman of Trade Union expressed emotion when witnessing change meat of the company each day. He also hopes to what has been achieved, the Company will be stronger the next page to write a glorious 45 year history

Picture:Mr Hoang Van Chau - Vice Party Secretary, Chairman of Trade Union giving speech at the anniversary

In response to that precious love, Mr. Nguyen Dang Tinh - Member of the Board, General Director of the Company on behalf of all staff to promote the company voluntarily willed self-reliance and determination to reform, unity - consensus to win a great victory contributed to the company becoming a strong and reputable companies, to step ahead of the traditional father has built

On this occasion, the company has organized the gifts given to children of staff employees of the Company who have outstanding achievements in the past year on the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival. This is one of the significant activities of the Company to motivate and encourage spiritual education of the children, help them become more motivated to learn well in new school year.

Picture: Mr Nguyen Dang Tinh on behalf of Board of Directors thanking to the delegates, guests had to gatecrash the celebrations

Picture: Gifts to the children get high achievement in learning

End of program memories, the company leaders held informal talks with the guests, the former comrades led the Company to review the way the company developed in 45 years

Picture: A discussion meeting between the lead generation company

Some other images:

Picture: Unique repertoire of company performance teams celebrate 45 year anniversary

Picture: Gifts to the children of company staff are those who get high achievement in learning

Picture: Mr Ngo Van Toan giving speech at the discussion meeting

Picture: The elder leaders giving ideas for the Company development

Picture: Children’s happiness on the Mid-Autumn Festival

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