Construction and Development of PVNC aimed to become a powerful corporation in PVC, having greater competitiveness in the central region in high building construction, leveling construction and investment projects, investment in industrial zones.
In 2015 strives to become a key unit in PVC, head of the Central Region on the implementation of high building construction. Up to 2025 to become a key unit in PVC and compete with other contractors in the region and the territory of Vietnam implementing advanced civil works.
PVNC determine long-term goal is raising PVC brands dominate the market in construction of high building, construction of PetroVietnam work and gradually expands to the International construction market.

1. Specific objectives:
- Construction of high buildings:
Determine that the Construction of high buildings is a potential market which has not been done by other construction contractors, PVNC strives to become the leader in PVC Corporation, upto 2015 PVNC and PVC will dominate 10-15% market for high buildings. High building construction will occupy about 30% of total revenue in 2015 of PVNC. Striving from 2015 onwards to be competitive with other contractors in the central region and country. From 2025 onwards PVNC will involve in markets of high building International Construction.

- Scope of infrastructure construction:
With the capacity of existing equipment, in 4th Quarter 2008 and 2009 PVNC efforts to complete leveling ground in Nghi Son oil refinery, Hoang Mai industrial zone infrastructure in Quynh Luu. Currently the Group and the Corporation is planning to implement some large projects in Nghe An province. Annual average PVNC investment 40 billion VND for equipment striving from 2015 onwards to be one of the four most powerful units of PVC in this field.

- Mechanical engineering field:

+ To focus on promoting this area, PVNC step by step invests equipment system, workshops, skillful workers, strive upto 2015 revenue from this sector will reach10% of PVNC total revenue.
+ Currently PVNC has been assigned for construction in Nghi Son oil refinery. From 2009 to 2012, PVNC will focus on rising capacity, partnership with other contractors or proposing to merge some PVC engineering companies in local to progress the mechanical construction for oil and gas construction works. From 2015 onwards PVNC will be able to carry out some mechanical construction of oil refinery. Striving to 2025 the work on mechanics of PVNC in oil refinery projects, electricity and gas in Vietnam to over 15% annual revenue of PVNC together with PVC participate in international petrochemical projects.

- Scope of investment in industrial zones and projects:
a) Investment projects:
- To concentrate investment to effectively exploit industrial zones especially Hoang Mai industrial zone - Quynh Luu - Nghe An with project scale of about 291.86 hectares and total investment is 812 billion VND.
- Invest in a number of projects producing building materials for actively providing construction materials such as: Nui Voi stone pit  in Thanh Ngoc, Thanh Chuong district - Nghe An with total investment of 13.179 billion VND; Hoang Mai  rock mine - Nghe An with total investment of 20 billion VND, Hung Dong concrete batching plant with total investment of 14.11 billion VND.
- Constructing Ben Thuy market - Vinh City with total investment of 50 billion VND.
On the other hand PVNC plans to invest in the projects which have potential land for trading services such as: Block 13 Truong Thi Ward, No. 45 Quang Trung St, Block 14 Hung Phuc Ward and business in new urban areas, entertainment area in Cua Hoi in which the Group assigned PVC as the investor.
In addition, PVNC also contributed capital 20 billion VND PetroVietnam Nghe An Tower Building, IDICO – Ninh Binh Industrial zone and Urban area, Ha Noi - Song Hong new Urban area.

b) Investment of construction equipment:

To meet the criteria of long term and sustainable development, effortive competition in the market, PVNC has policy to rise existing equipment capacity: in 2008 the Corporation bought equipment such as tower cranes, excavators, bulldozers, grader, roller, trucks, hoists, commercial concrete batching plant systems, steel formwork, shaped scarfoldings and other equipment, machinery ….. with a total investment value to 37 billion VND. From 2009 to 2010 PVNC will invest and supplement about 30 billion VND per year for equipment value and try upto 2015 on the basic capabilities of construction equipment PVNC will meet the civil and industrial construction inside as well as outside which can compete with contractors in the country and internationally.
- Business of goods and local products:
To focus on promoting this area, the Corporation gradually invests product storage system to ensure that in 2011 may be sign contracts with the member units of PVN as agency to consume products. Striving to 2015 revenue from this sector will reach 10% of PVNC total revenue.
2. The specific targets.
a. Growth rate:
- Period 2008-2010: over 100%.
- Period 2011-2015: 20% -30%.
- Period 2016-2025: 10% -15%.
b. Proportion of the fields in 2015:





Field of high building construction



Field of leveling ground construction



Field of mechanical engineering



Field of investment in Industrial zones and other projects



Field of product business sector in PetroVietnam National Gas and Oil Group


3. Strategic and long-term development:
a. Period from 2011 to 2015:
- Field of high building construction
Focus on increase capacity and control technology of high building construction to undertake building projects assigned by PVC.
- Field of oil and gas construction projects
Complete work items assigned by PVC in Nghi Son oil refinery.
- Field of mechanic, fabrication and installation
Self undertake to construct a number of simple mechanical items such as: steel frame, truss, simple steel truss.
- Scope of investment in industrial zones and other projects:
+ Strive to fill Hoang Mai industrial zone upto 2015.  Expanded investment phase 2 of Hoang Mai Industrial Zone area of 300 hectares with budget of 1,000 billion VND (There was programming for phase 2 approved by the Prime Minister)
+ Contribute to IDICO – Ninh Binh Industrial zone and Urban area, Ha Noi - Song Hong new Urban area..
+ Invest in the projects which have potential land for trading services such as: Block 13 Truong Thi Ward, No. 45 Quang Trung St, Block 14 Hung Phuc Ward.  
+ Investment in projects on construction of accommodation and adjacent villas in Vinh city with total investment of 105 billion VND.
+ Research and invest in mining projects, and building materials production.
b. From 2016 to 2025:
- PVNC as a member unit of PVC, further strengthening and developing the brand  of PVC in all areas in domestic and international.
- From 2016 onwards striving to be the main unit of PVC in high building construction.
- Maintaining revenue growth from 2016 to 2025: 10-15%.

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