Besides long experience in construction activity and investment, we are proud of PVNC human resources. Staff, engineers and workers of PVNC always show professional working style, responsive, creative and highly professional degree. The officials, engineers and with postgraduate university education accounted for large numbers and always work closely with higher and technical workers, who are regularly skills-trained and chosen through the construction process of each project.
We understand our success is associated with the success of our partners so every member of PVNC always come to each project with passion, responsibility and continuous efforts.

No Classificationi Total
Total (I + II + III)
I Upper - graduate
1 Doctor 1
2 Master 14
II Univesity, colleges
1 Engineers, bachelors of all majors 476
2 colleges, intermediate 168
III High technical labours 534
IV Regular contract workers 1000
Unit members